for your own travel notes

Places will let you keep track of the places you want to visit on your next travels.
When friends or family mentions a great place to visit, you now have an app to store those tips. There's no need for a text file or a slip of paper that will get lost. Instead add the place into Places with a few taps.
You can organize the places into cities for a great overview.
All your places in a city can be seen together on a map to get a feel for where everything is located.
For each place you can record name, address, picture, links, notes and a small map. Everything, including the small map, will be available offline, so that you won't get lost if you travel to places with no data-coverage.
Adding places is super simple since Places will find all the data for you. Just enter the name of the place and Places will retreive addresses, pictures, links and map coordinates automatically.